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Bergman Beauty Care\'s exclusive active ingredient Beta Glucan is the basic ingredient in virtually all the products in the Bergman Beauty Care line. Beta Glucan is a biological ingredient (polysaccharide), derived from the fermentation process of yeast. Glucan has a unique molecular structure that corresponds perfectly with the skins own molecules. With its spectacular qualities, Glucan can justifiably be called revolutionary.

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MD Formulations

Being the 1st salon to offer MD Formulations in Perth some 19 years ago in Perth, Skindeep is committed and passionate about the MD Formulations skin care range here in Perth. MD Formulations is a complete program of professional Alpha Hydroxy Acid skin care products and is the leader in the research and development of glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is the smallest molecule of all Alpha Hydroxy Acid\'s (AHA\'s) and is found naturally in sugar cane. It exfoliates skin cells, by gently loosening the bonds that hold these cells together. With regular use of MD Formulations, you\'ll notice: a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, smoother, softer skin, increased hydration, an improvement in oily and acne-prone skin, balanced skin tones plus a more luminous complexion.

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